Body and Hair Oil DIVINE MANDARINE - 500 ml

It's so simple to be a goddess ...

Composed with precision for a perfect balance between fine texture and fruity fragrance, this moisturizing oil is a jewel for the skin as it is so easy to apply and effective on the skin.

It contains 7 precious ingredients generously provided by Mother Nature. 

Rich in vegetable oils that are particularly delicate and quickly assimilated by the skin, the composition of this moisturizing oil can be used for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, for an immediate long lasting comfort.

This oil can also be used as a non rinsing hair care that will not weigh them down (forks, dryness, electric hair, dull ...).


Mandarin essential oil (known to be draining, reinforces the elasticity of the skin, soothes the soul)
  • Rose Grapefruit essential oil (known to be decongestant, brings joy and motivation to tired spirits)
  • Patchouli essential oil (known to be a circulatory stimulant, mood tonic and even a little aphrodisiac ...)
  • Jojoba vegetable oil (ideal for the skin’s firmness, activates the drainage at the level of the epidermis)
  • Apricot kernels Vegetable oil  (emollient and nourishing, softening properties)
  • Sesame vegetable oil (regulating, this oil is reputed to calm irritations, attenuates imperfections, anti-aging)
  • Borage Vegetable oil (soothes sensitive skins, calms scraped skin, revitalizes the atopic epidermis).


Apply moisturizing oil all over the body in gentle massages with upward movements for velvety skin and a happy mind. Heat a dose of oil in the hands and massage the tips of the hair, or even the lengths. Style as usual.

Easy to apply, Divine Mandarin is also used for a visible result but also in post-depilatory care, after-sun, an anti-stress or relaxation massage, pre-shampoo hair bath ... or simply as a sweet natural perfume.

NOTE: this product contains photosensitizing essential oils, weakly dosed here and therefore without any particular contraindication. However, it is recommended to avoid direct UV exposure within 12 hours of application if the skin is reactive, allergic or very sensitive to the sun.