Natural makeup removing Oil Peau Toute Nue - 500ml

A neutral cleansing oil for Slow cosmetic and pure skincare followers : Hypoallergenic, without perfume or essential oil, for an infinitely soft but fabulously effective face and eyes makeup removal.

Peau Toute Nue Neutral Cleansing Oil is hypoallergenic and very gentle, even for problem prone skin (rosacea, sensitivity, redness ...). It is guaranteed without perfume, without essential oil, without allergen and 100% vegetable.

A formula resistant to the most persistent makeups.

This neutral cleansing oil is the result of a combination of 3 high quality, non-greasy vegetable oils. 100% natural, it provides an ultra-gentle and effective make-up removal. 

It removes even the most resistant makeup while respecting the skin: foundations, mascaras, makeup ...

Trust, respect and softness are the key words of this synergy based on:

  • Jojoba oil - very fine, balances the acidity of the skin, takes off impurities without oiling the skin.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil - cleanse, revitalizes, shines dull complexions and nourishes the skin.
  • Rice Bran Oil - its dry touch makes it easier to remove make-up, anti-oxidant, decongestant and soothing.


  • Apply a few drops of the Cleansing Oil on a soft cotton or washable (wet or dry) pad, remove makeup by gently massaging the face. Finish with a tonic or floral water to remove the last traces of oil.
  • Lightly massage oil directly on face and remove with a soft cotton or moistened washable pad. Finish off with a tonic or floral water.
Small tip: to remove a waterproof mascara or laid in many layers, apply a drop of cleansing oil on the eyelashes, massage slightly with your eyes closed, leave on for a few minutes and proceed with makeup removal as described above. this technique allows removing makeup without overstripping the fragile area of ​​the eyes.
INCI : Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Apricot kernel oil, Oryza sativa bran oil,Tocopherol, Glycine soja oil. * Produit issu de l’agriculture biologique 100 % des ingrédients sont d'origine naturelle
Presentation : Flacon pompe
Weight : 500 ml