De Vermalle certifications

We guarantee you optimum quality and freshness with controlled production and flawless commitments for a healthy and qualitative cosmetic. The awards and labels that De Vermalle received are a reflection of this.

Peta's animal welfare organization has verified that neither our company nor the suppliers of our ingredients are using animal testing in any way. Even though these are banned in Europe today, these tests are mandatory for sales in foreign markets such as China.

Peta also certifies that the entire De Vermalle range is adapted to Vegans. All our treatments do not contain any ingredients of animal origin or from animal work.
The association Slow Cosmétique campaigns for a healthy and transparent cosmetics, as well as for a reasoned consumption of cosmetics.

De Vermalle received the Slow Cosmetique mention because it fits in completely with this approach with its 100% natural formulas, without superfluous ingredients and multifunctional care for all.